OS X 10.15.x on the Acer C720

(Core i3, 4 GB RAM and 64 GB or higher SSD required)

Bootloader Status

Clover UEFIDeprecatedWorking but better to use OpenCore
OpenCoreWorkingWorking with Coreboot + Tianocore UEFI firmware

Device Driver Status

CPU/Mainboard/ChipsetWorkingWorks with patched coreboot and VoodooSMC
KeyboardWorkingWorking with HIDPS2Keyboard.
I2C BusWorkingWorking with VoodooI2C
Trackpad (Cypress)WorkingWorking with Cypress driver (needs older VoodooI2C)
Trackpad (Elan)WorkingWorking with Elan driver in VoodooI2C.
Touch Screen (Atmel) [Acer C720P]WorkingWorking with Atmel driver in VoodooI2C.
Video AccelerationWorkingWorking with WhateverGreen
HDMI VideoWorkingWorking with WhateverGreen
Brightness ControlWorkingWorking with PNLF SSDT + WhateverGreen
Power StatusWorkingFully working with SMCBatteryManager.
Audio (Speakers & Microphone)WorkingWorks with AppleALC
Audio (Headphone Port; Headphone & Mic combo)WorkingWorks with AppleALC and Codec Commander
Audio (HDMI)WorkingWorking with WhateverGreen + AppleALC + DSDT Patch.
Wireless LANWorkingWorking with 10.13.5 IO80211Family + patched AirportAtheros40
BluetoothWorkingWorking with BTFirmwareUploader (up to 10.13.x)
WebcamWorkingWorking with UEFI firmware
USB 3.0 Port (XHCI)WorkingWorks with UEFI firmware
USB 2.0 Port (ECHI)WorkingWorks with UEFI firmware
SD Card SlotWorkingWorks with UEFI firmware