Capella for Mastodon

Capella, also designated Alpha Aurigae (α Aurigae, abbreviated Alpha Aur, α Aur), is the brightest star in the constellation of Auriga; the sixth-brightest in the night sky and the third-brightest in the northern celestial hemisphere, after Arcturus and Vega. (Wikipedia)

Features in beta 7:
  1. Multiple timelines
  2. Multiple Account management, even from different Mastodon instances
  3. Streaming and notifications
  4. Viewing Profiles
  5. Viewing Boosts and Favorites
  6. Following and Unfollowing
  7. Image Previews
  8. Youtube, Imgur and other previews
  9. Tooting
  10. Tooting with images
  11. Marking toots as unlisted and/or sensitive
  12. Native app
  13. Elegant, flat design to blend in with Windows 8 and higher
  14. Supports Windows 7 - 10
  15. Open Source

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  1. Windows Vista or Higher
  2. .NET 4.5 or higher

Upcoming features:
  1. Blocking/unblocking users
  2. Saving timeline and window state
  3. Saving toot drafts
  4. Editing Profiles
  5. Muting users/networks
  6. Video and animated gif previews